GOLD 1,335.12 / 1,337.06
  |   SILVER 17.06 / 17.20
  |   PLATINUM 924.43 / 929.48
  |   PALLADIUM 1,026.58 / 1,032.73

Gold Bars

>>>Gold Bars

Gold bars and gold ingots are a simple, straightforward approach to investing in gold. Low premiums and clean designs make these bullion products a popular choice for investors looking to peg their investment closest to the spot price.

The gold bars and gold ingots are produced in .999+ pure gold, making them an ideal fungible and liquid investment. The value of gold bullion bars is based strictly on the spot gold market price, with little added collector premium.

Gold bars are typically categorized into two different classes, minted and cast, depending on the method of manufacturing. Minted bars start as gold blanks that are measured and cut according to the specifications of the final product. They are then struck by presses that inscribe the appropriate markings or design. Cast bars are made by simply pouring molten gold into a cast or mold. Most modern investor gold bars are minted, as many people enjoy the clean, crisp design features of this type of gold bar.

We offer gold bars and gold ingots that are manufactured by reputable refiners and third-party minting companies. PAMP Suisse, for instance, is one of the world’s leading bullion manufacturers that specializes in precious metals refining and bullion production. Valcambi and OPM are among the top ranks of globally recognized brands as well.

Larger weight gold bars are available by request. If you have any questions or need further assistance with your order, please call the trade desk at 315-637-1300.