GOLD 1,335.12 / 1,337.06
  |   SILVER 17.06 / 17.20
  |   PLATINUM 924.43 / 929.48
  |   PALLADIUM 1,026.58 / 1,032.73



As one of the world’s rarest precious metals, platinum has gained significant popularity over the past decade with the advent of investment grade platinum bullion. Products such as the American Platinum Eagle and the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf have made it easy for investors to gain tangible exposure to the metal. If you are looking to diversity your hard asset portfolio, platinum coins and platinum bars are a viable opportunity to invest in your future and preserve your personal wealth.

There are many advantages of owning platinum bullion. One reason for instance is supply and demand. Analysts predict that in the coming years, supply for platinum from mines and other sources will be relatively limited. The various applications for platinum, especially for jewelry and industrial use, may strengthen the demand for this precious metal. The fundamentals of economics tell us that limited supply and increasing demand naturally cause a rise in prices.

The history of platinum as an investment is relatively short compared to that of other precious metals. Gold and silver, for instance, have been used as a means of trade and currency long before the discovery of platinum. However, in recent years, investors have seen significant movement from platinum. From 2000 until 2012, the value of this highly coveted metal tripled from around $500 an ounce to over $1,500, with various dips and rises along the way. In addition, global investment demand for platinum increased by nearly 3000% during that same time period.

Upstate Coin & Gold carries full stock of investment grade platinum coins and platinum bars. If you are interested in investing in platinum bullion and would like to learn more about our products, please feel free to contact our trade desk at any time.