GOLD 1,328.20 / 1,329.07
  |   SILVER 16.49 / 16.55
  |   PLATINUM 956.78 / 959.13
  |   PALLADIUM 991.68 / 995.33

Silver Coins (90%, 80%, 40%, 35%)

>>>Silver Coins (90%, 80%, 40%, 35%)

Shop our extensive selection of US Mint 90% silver coins at competitive prices. We feature a wide assortment of junk silver including silver dimes, silver quarters, and silver half dollars. Explore our specialty 90% categories such as Franklin half dollars, 1964 Kennedy half dollars, Walking Liberty half dollars, and Mercury dimes. Fast shipping and processing guaranteed.

What is Junk Silver?

The term “junk silver” refers to any pre-1970 United States minted silver coinage that carries no inherent collector value. Junk silver mainly refers to 90% silver coins, however 40% and 35% silver coins are considered “junk” as well. The junk silver product categories are as follows:

90% silver: Pre-1965 dimes, quarters, half dollars
40% silver: 1965-1969 Kennedy half dollars
35% silver: 1942-1945 War-Time Jefferson nickels

For most purposes, we mainly recommend investing in 90% silver coins and here’s why:

Typically a low premium per ounce over spot
Each unit is a fraction of an ounce providing the investor more flexibility than one ounce products
Made by the U.S. Mint so investors can be confident of the quality
Used in circulation up until 1964 and is recognized by the general public
Silver dimes, quarters, and halves are legal tender with an inherent face value

How much silver is in 90% Coins?

Junk silver is always bought and sold in terms of face value, regardless of quantity or denomination. The amount of silver in $1.00 face value of dimes (10 x $.10) is equivalent to $1.00 face value of quarters (4 x $.25) or halves (2 x $.50). For every $1.00 face value of 90% silver, there is .715 of a troy ounce of silver. So if you buy $100 face value of junk silver, you will buy approximately 71.5 troy ounces of silver. A full bag of junk silver is $1,000 face value, or approximately 715 troy ounces of actual silver weight.