Product Description

Information about the 2006 Silver Eagle 20th Anniversary 3-Coin Set

In 2006, the US Mint issued a special set to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the American Silver Eagle program. With this, they revealed the first ever minted “Reverse American Silver Eagle.” The reverse proof coin, along with a Burnished Uncirculated American Silver Eagle and a regular Proof American Silver Eagle, comprises this stunning 3-piece set.

The Reverse Proof Silver Eagle is incredibly unique by way of its striking process. Most proof coins display a mirror-like finish on the field of the coin. However, the reverse proof coin contends the traditional style of proof coins by presenting a frosted field (similar to the uncirculated version) and a mirrored raised surface. These 2006 American Silver Eagle reverse proof coins are only available in the anniversary sets, making the 2006 20th American Silver Eagle Anniversary Set a highly coveted HybridBullion™ product.