Product Description

The Ultra High Relief Double Eagle gold coin is an ideal coin for investors who are looking for one of the most popular and rare HybridBullion™ items available. This design was only ever produced in 2009 in order to exemplify Augustus Saint-Gauden’s vision of the $20 gold eagle on an ultra high relief canvas.

The first attempt of this coin was conducted in 1907 where only a handful of coins passed inspection and were distributed to the world. Then, with a combination of advancements in digital mapping technology and Edward Moy’s dedication to recreate Saint-Gauden’s dream, the perfect specimen of the Ultra High Relief Double Eagle was finally developed. Even today, this coin is considered to be the most exquisite .9999 gold coin ever made by the United States Mint.

A few adaptations were made to the coin in order to ensure its perfection before releasing it to the public. First, an additional four stars were added to the design in order to symbolize all 50 states. In addition, Roman Numerals were added in order to represent the year the coins was produced, 2009. Furthermore, the inscription “In God we Trust” was added as well as border along the edge of the coin stating “E Pluribus Unum,” with a star in between each letter.

When the coin was first distributed in 2009, the average price for this item was around $1189.00 with a gold spot price ranging from $800 to $900. In today’s market, this coin has been recorded to sell as high as over $20,000 for just one coin! Currently, there is a maximum mintage of only 115, 178 coins, which is only a small fraction compared to many of its gold bullion counterparts.

This particular .9999 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle gold coin will be distributed in its original box containing the exquisite mahogany box and luxurious velvet display to keep the coin secure. The coin will also be accompanied by the certificate of authenticity and Ultra High Relief book containing the history of coin. This item is truly one of a kind and a hybrid coin collector’s ultimate coin.

Product Specifications:

  • Fine Gold Content: 1 oz Gold
  • Grade: BrilliantlyUncirculated
  • Denomination: $20
  • Total Weight: 1.09 Troy Ounces
  • Diameter: 37 mm
  • Thickness: 4 mm