Product Description

90% Silver Coins Prior to 1965, the United States Mint produced dimes, quarters, and half dollars that contained 90% silver. These coins were used for circulation purposes. However, as the intrinsic precious metal value became higher than the face value, pre-1965 silver coins began to disappear from circulation. As prices increased over the years, 90% silver coins quickly became a vehicle for silver investing, and they are now one of the most popular bullion products on the market. How much silver is in 90% Coins? Junk silver is always bought and sold in terms of face value, regardless of quantity or denomination. The amount of silver in $1.00 face value of dimes (10 x $.10) is equivalent to $1.00 face value of quarters (4 x $.25) or halves (2 x $.50). For every $1.00 face value of 90% silver, there is .715 of a troy ounce of silver. So if you buy $100 face value of junk silver, you will buy approximately 71.5 troy ounces of silver. A full bag of junk silver is $1,000 face value, or approximately 715 troy ounces of actual silver weight. Product Details Upstate Coin & Gold offers 90% Silver Coins at the most competitive prices based on the current spot and premium market. When you buy silver coins, you will receive an assortment of US Mint pre-1965 silver coins including 90% junk silver dimes, quarters, and/or half dollars with various dates, mint marks, and grades. Your 90% silver coins will be securely packaged in a new cloth coin bag. With this product, we can not guarantee what denomination you will receive. Please browse our other 90% options if you are searching for a specific type or denomination. This product requires a minimum purchase quantity of $100 face value. If you have any questions or special requests, please call one of our non-commissioned traders at 1-800-588-2646 or email us at Product Specifications (per $1 face value): Actual Silver Weight: .715 Troy Ounce (approx) Fineness: .900 Silver Year: Mixed Pre-1965 Denomination: 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ Grade: Circulated