GOLD 1,277.95 / 1,278.81
  |   SILVER 16.42 / 16.47
  |   PLATINUM 879.72 / 886.47
  |   PALLADIUM 986.50 / 993.96

90% Silver Half Dollars (Pre-1965)

>>>90% Silver Half Dollars (Pre-1965)

90% Silver Half Dollars (Pre-1965)

90% Silver Half Dollars (Pre-1965)

90% Silver Half Dollars (Pre-1965)


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The quantities listed below are in face value.

The prices listed are per $1 face value.

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Silver Half Dollars

Silver half dollars are an excellent store of value that can help offset the risks and downfalls of potential economic instability. Silver investors enjoy the many benefits of 90% silver half dollars, including protection against inflation and a weakening US dollar. These coins are a convenient and cost-effective way to invest in 90% silver bullion.

Silver half dollars are one of our most popular silver bullion products. They are a great way to diversify your precious metals portfolio and help preserve your wealth. US 90% silver half dollars are any coins in the 50 cent denomination that were minted before 1965 by the United States Mint. This includes, but is not limited to, 1964 Kennedy half dollars, Franklin half dollars, Walking Liberty half dollars, and Barber half dollars.

Upstate Coin & Gold offers silver half dollars for sale with various investment options. You may choose to invest in mixed half dollar bags, which is an assortment of all pre-1965 silver half dollars. You may also choose to invest in silver half dollar bags by type. This means you can purchase a bag of half dollars that is one specific type of your choosing, for instance just 1964 Kennedy half dollars or just Franklin half dollars. This provides our investors flexibility on preference and investment needs.

When you buy silver half dollars from Upstate Coin & Gold, you can be confident you are receiving top quality products at competitive market prices. Your 90% silver half dollars will vary by date, mint mark and grade, but all specific bags are guaranteed to be uniform by type. All coins are shipped in rolls or cloth bags depending on the size of your order. We strive for quick processing and shipping on all orders, and we always guarantee to provide prompt and courteous customer support.

How much silver is in 90% Silver Half Dollars?

When you buy junk silver coins, they are always traded in terms of face value, regardless of quantity or denomination. For every $1.00 face value of 90% silver, there is .715 of a troy ounce of silver. So if you buy $100 face value of junk silver, the actual silver weight is approximately 71.5 troy ounces. A full bag of junk silver is $1,000 face value, or approximately 715 troy ounces of actual silver weight.

Product Details

Upstate Coin & Gold offers 90% silver half dollars for sale at the most competitive prices based on the current spot and premium market. When you order this product, you will receive US Mint pre-1965 silver half dollars with various dates, mint marks, and grades. You may receive a mix of various types, such as 1964 Kennedy, Franklin, Walking Liberty, and/or Barber halves, or simply one type based on our inventory.

Your 90% silver half dollars will be securely packaged in a cloth coin bag. Please browse our other 90% silver options if you are searching for a specific type or denomination. All quantities and prices are in $1 face value increments (quantity of 100 = $100 face value of silver coins).

This product requires a minimum purchase quantity of $100 face value. If you have any questions or special requests, please call one of our non-commissioned traders at 1-800-588-2646 or email us at


Product Specifications (per $1 face value):

  • Actual Silver Weight: .715 Troy Ounce (approx)
  • Fineness: .900
  • Total Weight: 12.5 grams
  • Year: Mixed Pre-1965
  • Denomination: 50¢
  • Grade: Circulated