Product Description

100 oz Engelhard Silver Bar

The 100 oz Engelhard Silver Bar is one of the most economical ways of investing in silver bullion. With a low premium and compact design, these 100 oz silver bars are a popular choice for silver investors looking to peg their investment closest to the spot price.

Engelhard is a prominent “brand name” investment option for physical asset investors. Engelhard silver bars and rounds are no longer being produced, which is a factor that has led to a significant increase in demand for this brand of silver.

Due to the strong popularity and diminishing supply of Engelhard silver bars in the market, these branded silver bullion bars are known for yielding a greater return on investment when the time comes to sell.  There are a variety of designs for the Engelhard 100 oz silver bar; therefore, the design you receive will depend on current stock and availability.

Product Specifications:

  • Actual Silver Weight: 100.0 Troy Ounce
  • Fineness: .999 Silver
  • Total Weight: 100.0 Troy Ounce
  • Brand: Engelhard