GOLD 1,283.28 / 1,284.16
  |   SILVER 16.49 / 16.54
  |   PLATINUM 879.08 / 886.64
  |   PALLADIUM 983.72 / 996.57

Our Values

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Deliver Unexpected Customer Service:

Every company offers customer service, but we strive to impress you with a little more than you expect. We know satisfying our customers builds a loyal customer base and increases the longevity of our customer relationships.

How we make this happen:

  • We empower our employees to make decisions that benefit our customers.
  • We value the importance of feedback, both internally and externally. We invite you to offer any suggestions by submitting your statements on our Contact Us page.
  • We believe our employees are the face of our company because they are the primary point of contact to you, the customer. Management listens to them for ways to improve our customer service to always ensure a positive purchasing and selling experience.

Honesty Always:

Earning trust doesn't come overnight. It’s built on reputation. The only way to maintain that reputation is through honest and fair dealings not only with our customers, but also our vendors, employees, contractors, and government agencies. We are always 100% committed to this philosophy in every transaction.

Adapt & Propel Change; Embrace Competition:

The world changes, the markets move, and so does our business. Here at Upstate, we know that no matter how good or bad things are today, outside factors will require us to make new decisions. Our adaptable business structure allows us to quickly identify, react to, and embrace change. Assimilating to change and encouraging competition challenges us to develop a fresh perspective. The outcome brings innovation. New ideas form new businesses and technologies, which advance our organization, our customers, the marketplace, and positively impacts the greater economy.

Resource Sustainability:

Waste is not good for the environment or for business. We strive to do our part by reselling, reusing, recycling, refining our products and resources.

  • Resell: Our favorite products are collector and investment grade items that can be traded again and again. Most of the investor grade products and collectible coins we deal in can be repurchased and resold.
  • Refine: Refining reclaimed precious metals that cannot be resold greatly benefits the environment. We use SCS certified ( refiners who have been tested for their environmental and sustainability procedures. Don’t forget, when we refine unsalable precious metal products, we are saving the earth’s valuable resources. Mines tear through a tremendous amount of earth and consume a lot of energy to produce new gold and silver.
  • Reuse: Whenever possible, we strive to reuse materials. For example, we reuse cardboard boxes and packing material to help reduce waste and keep costs low.
  • Recycle: Our company’s waste is minimized and discarded in the most responsible manner by recycling our plastics, papers, and metals.