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At Upstate Coin & Gold, we’re a team of skilled, honest, forward-thinking people with a common goal of better serving our customers. We pride ourselves on creating strong, long-lasting relationships both internally and externally. We understand that trust, credibility, and reliability are at the cornerstone of building a rapport that lasts for years to come.

What started as a small coin shop in Upstate New York has scaled over the decades to become one of the leading wholesale precious metals companies in the country. We largely attribute our growth and success to the special emphasis we place on relationship-building and constant innovation.

We are forever looking forward by continually leveraging the upward potential of technology, staying committed to the customer and vendor relationships that we foster with care, and always developing new and better ways to best serve our clientele.

From coin shops to refiners to jewelers and manufacturers, Upstate Coin & Gold has the capacity to serve every niche of the precious metals industry by providing fair and honest pricing, complete transparency in every deal, and custom-tailored services to meet your every need.

We’ve learned from our past, we put our best foot forward in the present, and we are continually preparing for limitless growth and development in our future.

To our current customers and prospective clients, let us continue to prove our commitment to you by choosing Upstate Coin & Gold as your preferred wholesale precious metals dealer.

– Dave Cooper | Founder & CEO



At Upstate Coin & Gold, we are committed to providing a competitive two-way market while delivering the best in service and logistics. Our primary focus is to develop long-term relationships that compound throughout the years and lasts an entire career. It is our mission to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace and continuously grow as the precious metals industry evolves with changes in consumer demands and technological advancements.




We offer a comprehensive product line of investment grade precious metal bullion and coins at competitive wholesale prices. It is our mission to help you meet your customer's needs by facilitating your order and fulfillment with ease so you can spend more time running your business. We guarantee genuine, high quality products and fast, secure shipping on all orders.

Our diverse selection of products provides dealers an opportunity to discover and develop alternative marketing programs that can help increase their margins with semi-numismatic bullion products that carry intrinsic precious metal value as well as a collector premium. Our breadth of options extends to custom minting, graded modern coins, and much more. Ask us today how we can help serve your needs. For those interested in selling gold and silver bullion, our team of precious metals traders can assist you with the sale of your assets in a seamless, straightforward transaction while offering current wholesale prices.




The pillar of our company is built on integrity. As part of Upstate’s culture, we have set forth the principles and behavior for all of our employees to follow in an effort to maintain an ethical organization. At Upstate Coin & Gold, we place a strong emphasis on our core values: treating our customers right and always offering fair market prices. Let us prove our commitment to you and see how Upstate Coin & Gold can meet and exceed your expectations of what a precious metals company can do for your business needs.

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We continually work to finely tune our logistics to offer the highest quality products on the market. We implement dual verification methods, strict counterfeit detection practices, and meticulous quality control procedures to ensure superior condition for all products.

Established Reputation

Our privately held, second-generation coin and bullion business has built a strong reputation in the precious metals industry that has spanned over four decades. We understand that credibility is the foundation of building a loyal customer base. We have and always will guarantee to deliver on our promises and conduct fair deals.

Exemplary Service

Providing outstanding customer service is not just something we promise, it's something we deliver on. Our primary focus is establishing long term relationships with our business partners, and 100% customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our mission statement. When you deal with Upstate Coin & Gold, you can expect immediate payment, fast shipping, honest dealings, and friendly service always. 

Competitive pricing

Upstate is a leading market maker in gold, silver, and PMG products, including bullion, coins, scrap, numismatics, and much more. We make a fluid two-way in many product classes, which allows us to work on some of the tightest buy-sell spreads in the industry

Customized Solutions

From financing to drop shipping, we offer tailored options for all businesses of all sizes. We understand the unique and ever-changing needs of our clients, that’s why we are dedicated to providing customized solutions that best suit your business.

Secure & Confidential

Our business is built on trust and credibility, and customer confidentiality is extremely important to us. Your information and transaction details are never shared with any partners, affiliates, or outside entities. Ask us about how our confidential white-label drop shipping solutions can help grow your business.