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At Upstate Coin & Gold, we’re a team of skilled, honest, forward-thinking people with a common goal of better serving our customers. We pride ourselves on creating strong, long-lasting relationships both internally and externally. We understand that trust, credibility, and reliability are at the cornerstone of building a rapport that lasts for years to come.

What started as a small coin shop in Upstate New York has scaled over the decades to become one of the leading wholesale precious metals companies in the country. We largely attribute our growth and success to the special emphasis we place on relationship-building and constant innovation.

We are forever looking forward by continually leveraging the upward potential of technology, staying committed to the customer and vendor relationships that we foster with care, and always developing new and better ways to best serve our clientele.

From coin shops to refiners to jewelers and manufacturers, Upstate Coin & Gold has the capacity to serve every niche of the precious metals industry by providing fair and honest pricing, complete transparency in every deal, and custom-tailored services to meet your every need.

We’ve learned from our past, we put our best foot forward in the present, and we are continually preparing for limitless growth and development in our future.

To our current customers and prospective clients, let us continue to prove our commitment to you by choosing Upstate Coin & Gold as your preferred wholesale precious metals dealer.

– Dave Cooper | Founder & CEO