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Are you looking to differentiate your brand or product line? A custom minted product could be your solution for commitments large or small. Upstate partners with most major sovereign and private mints worldwide, and can provide exclusive custom products to take your business to the next level.

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IRA Eligible products

The precious metals IRA industry is flourishing, but is also highly competitive. We can help create a customized IRA eligible coin or bullion product that will help differentiate your company from the rest. We can easily facilitate storage at any major depository, as well as offer confidential drop shipping to any location in the US.

Custom Design & Packaging

Through our custom minting program, you can create custom designed coins or bullion products that are exclusive to just your company, including branded bullion bars, specialty sovereign mint coins, unique packaging, and more.

Metals & Sizes

Upstate offers custom minted products in gold, silver, and platinum in a variety of sizes and strikes. Whatever your objective is, we can find a solution for you. Fractional and 1 oz sizes available, as well as custom packaging, proof and reverse proof strike coins, and many other options.