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We understand the importance of keeping cash flowing. That’s why we offer tailored financing solutions that can help keep your business growing. When liquidity is time sensitive, Upstate can offer various options to meet your unique needs.


why businesses choose Upstate

Payment Options

We pride ourselves on providing quick liquidity for deals of all sizes. We’re continually leveraging advancements in banking technology to offer expedited payments, such as ACH payments (free of charge) as well as wire payments and overnight checks.

Credit Terms

At Upstate, our business is built on strong, lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial for both vendor and customer. That’s why we offer customized credit terms to preferred dealers. Talk to us about what financing options are best for you.

Collateral Financing

Our collateral financing program can help you take advantage of big opportunities by freeing up capital quickly and easily. We offer competitive financing rates for collateral lending that can be customized to meet your needs.