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As a leading wholesale coin and bullion dealer, Upstate Coin & Gold continually delivers proprietary innovations including our PlatformGold® online trading platform to help drive speed and efficiency for you. Search, Select, and Order, it’s that easy.

As a top market maker in gold, silver, and PGM coins and bars sourced from the world’s top mints and private manufacturers, UCG offers a full suite of precious metal products and services with transparent pricing. Select your products 24/7, anytime, anywhere, from your desktop or mobile device and add them to your trade ticket instantly. Execute your trade with just a few clicks of a button. Done!

PlatformGold® is designed for professionals offering a two-way market with real-time pricing. Additional features include IRA order management, payment and order status with complete tracking information, drop-ship, order history and available API data connectivity.


Fast and accurate –

PlatformGold® provides real-time quotes and is mobile-friendly. You can rest assured you are buying and selling at the most competitive market rates, anytime, anywhere.

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